We have produced festivals, concerts and fun entertainment events for the past 26 years in the Austin area. These events include local talent and major artists.


Our partnership with J.O.I. Community Outreach (non-profit) facilitates Jump On It University where we educate youth and young adults with various life skills.


We bring out thousands of people yearly to our events. These gatherings are used a vehicle to offer resources, info and collaborations that build community.

What Is Jump On It?

25+ years of  service, events
and programs in Austin!

The events was named Jump On It because we wanted the community to “Jump On” the bandwagon of reclaiming our communities. The first Jump On It started in May of 1997 at Rosewood Park. The initial concept of Jump On It was a summer concert series that was held weekly on Wednesdays for the duration of the summer and ran for 12 weeks. The concert series was held for 8 years until 2004 and resumed in 2014, to present day. The years the concert series was not held, we produced significant events annually. Jump On It has worked with top national talent throughout the years and has produced small community gatherings as well as large festivals with some events peaking at around 10,000 people. We utilize these events as a tool to offer our educational programming. This is possible because we incentivize Jump On It participants with exclusive access to meeting artist, celebrities and other perks. The sole purpose of our events is to offer resources and edify Black culture under the auspices of fun, entertaining social gatherings.

Jump On It has served over 12,000
families throughout
the years!

Services have included health care resources, HIV & std testing, job resources, financial literacy, educational programming, youth development, voter registration, financial resources, police relations and multiple community outreach programs.

Our entertainment events bring the community out in large numbers. We incentivize our participants by offering benefits for their involvement in workshops and educational activities.